The Competition

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There’s a special feeling that comes with the shifting of responsibility from oneself to others, especially when the others involved have way more money and talent than all of one’s good looks and charm combined.¬†After over a month of robust, yet fruitless, blogging about Wieden+Kennedy, I have resorted to Plan B: Another ad agency.


Just Getting So Cosmic

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Sometimes when I’m worried that my pursuit of Wieden+Kennedy isn’t going so well (Do they even know that I exist? Did I come on too strong with the life-sized cardboard cut-outs?), I do what tweens with relationship “prollies” have always done:

My Credentials

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1) Studies have shown that if I do not discover an outlet for my creative energy I might spontaneously combust, possibly extinguishing the sun in the process and inflicting bad overcast vibes on all of humankind. All Wieden+Kennedy ad campaigns will have to revolve around the limited surviving materials: radioactive cockroaches, SPAM cans, and Denzel Washington in The Book of Eli.*